Short Term Certification Trainings

Objective of these courses is to impart skills to the candidates so that they can get placement opportunities in the related field
Typically these courses are conducted for 2-3 months
These courses have theory and hands on practical sessions. During theory sessions various activities like group discussions, role plays, quiz competitions are done.
During these courses industry visits, domain expert lectures are also arranged .
To build confidence level of the candidates hands on practical are conducted in small groups under supervision of expert trainers and projects are given to the groups
In order to have field exposure to the candidates on job trainings are arranged with prospective employers 

Optical Fiber Technician

The main topics in this course are:
Basics of Fiber optic  communication
Installation and commissioning of optical fiber
Demonstrate and execute optical fiber laying-pre-requisites, Conduct and supervise installation of optical fiber – trenching, aerial cabling, ducting
Maintenance and repair for Optical fiber cables
Usage of OTDR/Power meter
Splicing process
Safety precautions while handling optical fiber cables

Duration: 500 Hours 
Location: Thane, Bhiwandi
Fees: Free

Mobile Phone Repair Technician

Basics of Mobile phone communication
Various parts used in mobile phones, their functions and their inspection methods
Features in mobile phones
Assembly disassembly process of various types of mobile phones
Troubleshooting for various defects
Software and applications in mobile phones

Duration: 570 Hours 
Location: Thane, Bhiwandi
Fees: Free

Field Technician Networking and Solutions

Basic parts used in Computers
Computer assembly and disassembly process
Computer peripheral devices
Install/configure different types of network devices-Router, Modem, switch, firewall
Installation of operating system/back up process/recovery of storage drives
Installation of anti-virus/firewall
Trouble shooting for Hardware. Software related issues

Duration: 540 Hours
Location: Pune
Fees: Free

Solar Panel Installation Technician

Basics of Solar energy and power generation systems
Various types of PV(photovoltaic) panels
How to design the solar panel system as per customers requirement
On grid /off grid system components
Site survey for installation of panels
Installation of Solar panels
Safety precautions while handling solar panels and first aids 

Duration: 540 Hours
Location: Pune, Thane, Siwan, Prayagraj
Fees: Free

Refrigerator/ Air Conditioner/ Washing Machine Repair Technician

Basics of  Electricity and Electronic components
Refrigeration cycle, Refrigerant gases 
Various parts used in these products, their functions and inspection methods
Assembly disassembly process of these products
Installation/demo of these products
Preventive maintenance of these products
Troubleshooting  of these products
Safety precautions while handling/repairs of these products

Duration: 570 Hours 
Location: Pune
Fees: Free

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