The Company

Company headquartered in Mumbai, Funfirst is a skill development and capability enhancement institute with Pan India reach.

Our Story

In 2012, a team of 70 experienced professionals in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) led by Amit Gupta were seeking a meaningful project to work on. During a visit to an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Maharashtra, Amit discovered that despite the top 5 brands having stopped selling CRT TVs in the Indian market, the students at ITI were being taught CRT TV repair. 

This highlighted a clear disconnect between academia and industry needs, with students from poor backgrounds being taught irrelevant skills, leading to their exploitation. This experience inspired the team to venture into vocational education and launch FGSPL in 2013.

The team developed a new curriculum on Panel TV Repair (1st of its kind in India) and focused on contemporary technical skills, with an emphasis on clear career paths and opportunities for entrepreneurship & placements abroad. 

Today, FGSPL is one of the leading vocational skills companies in India, annually training around 20,000 people in domains like Electronics, Telecom, Renewable Energy, and New Age Skills across 30 centres in 18 states of India. 

This capacity is being ramped up to 50,000 people annually over next 18 months with the support of IT backbone. 

We were successful in some & failed in many of our experiments but learnt a lot throughout this journey. Going forward, we continue to reimagine vocational training for our students from underserved communities, to unlock their true potential thereby helping our Nation leverage its Demographic Dividend Opportunity. 

All this is only possible because of the sheer commitment of our passionate team & our partners’ belief in us. 

In nutshell, 70 Nos direction-less people in 2008, have helped to skill up about 100,000 plus people and given them some form of livelihood. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. 

If you want to go far, GO TOGETHER 

Incubation Period (2007-2012)

  • Developed a unique supply chain model to support the largest Indian retailer.
  • Launched the first-ever range of kids' electronic products across 15 cities in India in partnership with Walt Disney.
  • Partnered with 10 international schools in Mumbai and launched program on Robotics and Aero modelling.
  • Signed management contract to develop and run the electronics manufacturing facility for Indo Count Industries Ltd.
  • Given preferred vendor status by Future Group and became sole supplier of their private label for CRT Televisions.
  • Signed up with LG, Onida, Haier, Salora for contract manufacturing business in 2011.
  • Signed up with Whirlpool for contract manufacturing for their complete range of products including washers, refrigerators etc.
  • The Skill Development arm commenced in 2012.
  • We went on to adopt an ITI in Dodamarg under PPP.
  • Developed 1st ever TV mechanic course with a focus on panels for Indian youth designed a DTH installer course and introduced RAC installation & repairs.

Journey Ahead (2013 Onwards)

22nd July – Got Incorporated
  • Developed and launched 1st Panel TV repair training in India
  • Developed our 1st training simulator for LCD TV
  • Became 2nd Partner and associate member for ESSCI
  • Signed up with Whirlpool for PAN India
  • Largest partner for ESSCI under Star Scheme
  • Signed up with Voltas for Upskilling
  • Signed up with TISS for Electronics Vertical
  • Signed up with LAVA, Salcomp for BVoc program
  • Became NSDC funded partner with a mandate to skill 1.88 lakh
  • Partnered with MIEM and MOUD for skilling.
  • Developed Unique training simulators for AC, Refrigerators and washing machines
  • Signed up with NSDC for PMKK centres
  • Signed up with ESSCI and Industry Partners (Videocon, Godrej and Whirlpool) for India Upskilling program
  • Signed up with MORD for setting up residential centre in Ranchi and Noida
  • Launched 2 BVoc programs for service sector
  • Conducted TOT and ITI tech vocational trainings in UP and Maharashtra
  • Signed up with MNRE to launch Suryamitra program
  • Executed PAN India HPMP program in partnership with ESSCI and MSDE
  • Started PCB repairing setup in Mumbai
  • Signed up MSDE as TPA to promote apprentice program
  • Developed unique blended program with use of Tinkercad, Skill Box, LMS during Covid
  • Signed up with Ebix cash for managing end to end apprentice program
  • Signed up with NSDC for running their CSR program at Shirur
  • Signed up with Flipkart for upskilling program for their Technicians
  • Kickstarted OJT programs for D Voc programs in Kerela
  • Curated a Program with Voltas for Dual System of Training with ITIs
  • Raised first equity round from Pegasus
  • Developed unique program for industry 4.0 and SMT training with LAVA
  • Signed up with Suzuki Motors for Work Integrated ITI program

Today, We Are

Associate member of ESSCI, under NSDC

Industry partner of TSSCI, under NSDC

VTP partner for Govt of Maharashtra & Chhattisgarh

A Proud Member of CEMA & CII

Our Vision

By 2022, improve the lives of One million under-served people, by providing them with contemporary skills and tools that empower them to earn better and take pride in their work.