Who We Are

At Funfirst, we are transforming lives of youth and vocational training landscape of our nation. Funfirst provides industry need responsive (based) and relevant technical skills and products to increase the employability and productivity of the youth. We also provide quality and awareness of teachers and improvement in essential life skills.

India entered the demographic dividend opportunity window in 2005-06 and will remain there till 2055-56, longest for any country. This is the period when the working age population ratio is equal to or more than 150% and the dependency ratio is equal to or lower than 66.7%, generally taken as the cut-off for the demographic dividend window. 

As per CII report published in Apr, 2022, in 2020, there were about 900 million people (67% of total population) in the working age group of 15-64 in India, which is expected to expand by another 100 million by 2030. This implies that a whopping 24.3% of the incremental global workforce over the next decade will come from India. This is a one-time opportunity for our Nation and could be “Amrit Kaal” in the journey of our Nation’s Development. 

Some of the challenges to the Demographic Dividend of India include asymmetry in demographics, India’s informal nature of economy, low labour force participation (LFP) rate in India for the working-age population (with women & PWD just being 22% & 23.8% respectively), lack of relevant skills and jobless growth in the future.

Other major challenge is youth taking up menial/low end jobs with no vertical mobility, in manufacturing and services sector.

At Funfirst, we are working on these challenges by transforming the lives of youth and vocational training landscape of our nation. This is being done through our India centric, frugal, high impact innovations supporting formalisation, enhanced LFP rate (with focus on Women & PWD), relevant skill training and quality jobs thereby helping our nation in leveraging our demographic dividend opportunity.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Impart relevant technical skilling to enable youth to get a sustainable livelihood and decent work, thereby reducing inequality within and among countries.

Our Mission

Our Mission

By 2027, improve the lives of 400,000 youth (including Girls & PWD) by providing skills that empower them to earn better, take pride in their work thereby helping our nation leverage its demographic dividend.
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Our Partnerships

Since the inception of Funfirst Global Skillers Private Ltd., the Primary area of our focus, outcome and innovations in skilling, have been able to forge some of the best partnerships with multiple Central/State government agencies, Universities, Training partners & Corporates

Corporate Partnerships

Government & University Partnerships

Our Team

Amit Gupta

Founder & CEO
Amit is a professionally qualified business manager with over 17 years of technical and business experience in various functions including Sales & Marketing, Distribution & Supply Chain, Operations, Customer Support and Finance.

Amit Jain

Co-founder & Head of Skill Development
With his 24 years of experience in Consumer Electronics including production, planning & quality, logistics & supply chain, he heads the Skill Development Initiative of the company and currently focuses on Mobilization.

Phiroz Kalal

Quality and Placement Head
Phiroj is a graduate in electronics engineering from KB​​P​E College, Satara 2​5​ years of experience in electronics manufacturing Industry.

Siddharth Kacker

Head: Strategy and HR
Siddharth has more than 10 years of rich business experience in Consumer Durables. He has worked with MIRC Electronics Ltd (Onida) & PE Electronics Ltd.

Pranay Kawalkar

Head: Training and Content
Pranay is a people-person. He loves to chat & make friends. Started his career with Funfirst as an Intern, only to become an integral part of it upon graduation.

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