Trainee’s Success Stories

Their own verbatim

Name: Sagayaraj Vanathaiyan1

Batch: Chennai_01

Training Date: 18-Nov-2014 to 25-Dec-2014

Trainer: Ramesh S

My Story

✓ I have been working as an Assembly Operator in Nokia for the past 6 years.
✓ When the company shut down I had to run for my new job for a long 9 months without any salary.
✓ Then I came to know about Whirlpool training program through my friends.
✓ I contacted the respective person and in the November 2014, I joined in the course conducted by Funfirst Global Skillers Private ✓ Limited for free of cost and sponsored by Whirlpool.
✓ I was taken to a new path which gave me a good job also my lifestyle is revised.
✓ Last month I got highest of Rs.14,000 /- salary.
✓ I am so thankful to Funfirst and to my trainer Mr. Ramesh for bringing me up in this field as a service engineer.
✓ Now I am happy with my job, I am doing good and I recommended my friends to this training program.
✓ With greetings I took this opportunity to thank you all ..

Name: Velmurugan Prasanth  S2

Batch: Erode_02

Training Date: 31-Jan-2014 to 02-Mar-2015

Trainer: Ramesh S

My Story

✓ Before this training I am only Velmurugan with salary of Rs.3000 /-, I am really wonder about my life.

✓ Then I came to know about this Whirlpool sponsored training conducting by Funfirst at Erode District.

✓ This is a new field and I am searching for quite long time for entering to this interesting area.

✓ This training gives the knowledge, product information and the current new technologies in appliance industry.

✓ I also understood about the competitors and competition in this field.

✓ Now I am handling customers and dealers for the brand related queries.

✓ The way of training, booklet and training is good to the easy understanding.

✓ Now I am happy that my life is changed totally and I am earning Rs.9,000 /- .

✓ Finally Now I am Whirlpool Service Engineer.

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