Prashant’s Story

Prashant was sitting at his home in a Chembur slum after having failed in his 12th Standard exams. His father lives a hard life of a truck driver who supports his mother, himself and his younger brother who is doing his graduation. He was desperate to do something and contribute financially so that his father’s burden is decreased.

He didn’t know where to go and what to do. Assistant at local grocery stores paying three thousand per month was not something with a bright future. He heard about Funfirst’s Set Top Box Installation and Service Technician course at our orientation and counselling session at Chembur. After pondering over it, he decided to give it a try.

The course was a lot of fun for him and the learning was huge. He became one of the first people in the country to get a national NSDC certification in Set-Top Box Installation and Service. Thereafter, selection in the Tata Sky franchise at Chembur as a Service Technician was a breeze for him.

Prashant Chavan is today a DTH Service Technician at Tata Sky Service Center – Chembur, Mumbai.

Today, he wears safety goggles while drilling because his training taught him how important it was. His dish installation time from day 1, was on par with other experienced technicians.

Prashant’s father goes driving with a lighter mind as his son now contributes eight thousand to the house. Prashant himself wants to enhance his skills further and wants to do more courses offered by Funfirst.

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